British fashion classics suitable for all seasons: timeless windbreaker

From the perspective of origin, windbreaker, as one of the most enduring British clothing symbols, was originally designed to meet the demand for rain-proof clothing. However, with the passage of time, more and more people of all colors choose windbreaker to create an unconventional image, which also makes this kind of clothing more and more attractive.

For business people, the bright and beautiful double-breasted windbreaker makes you look competent and can adapt to any weather condition; At the same time, the windbreaker also dominates the screen, serving as both the uniform of the secret gang in the black film and the standard configuration of the witty private detective; In addition, on some occasions, the windbreaker is also given a somewhat less glamorous meaning: a pair of stiletto shoes coupled with a windbreaker with a belt tied up and a button fastened is full of a sense of * * *, as if implying (like a Scottish plaid skirt) that the naked body is shrouded under the windbreaker. What's worse is that this time-honored clothing is unfortunately passed down as the necessary equipment for the exhibitionist, and it may never get rid of such a reputation.