This year, these 18 new stores have launched three major trends of "sports consumption"

The just concluded World Cup not only filled the whole world's sports atmosphere, but also ignited the "watch ball economy" in winter. Whether it is watching equipment, drinks and snacks or sports, it can be said that it has set off a consumption boom in various fields.

In fact, in today's overall fitness environment, sports have become the lifestyle of more and more people. Especially for new consumer groups, sports consumption undoubtedly has great potential. The latest white paper on the development of China's youth sports in 2022 released by iResearch Consulting has the following data:

The average annual consumption of young people in sports has reached 7237.6 yuan, of which 18.1% have an annual consumption of more than 10000 yuan;

Skiing, fitness and football have become the three most expensive sports, while equipment, shoes and clothing, and health food have become the "three major sports" of contemporary young people;

From the trend of changes in the past five years, 66.1% of people think that their consumption on sports has increased.

It can be seen that the consumption of contemporary young people in sports shows a steady growth trend.